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The GLAM Packages!!!  My BEST selling item hands DOWN!  The icing on the cake.

In 2016, 96% of my Homecoming mums included my signature GLAM packages.
This year I've included them in SOME of the mums and added MORE options...

This year they are even better!!  Bling on the braids..NEW Bling...And 5 New Braids!!!
They start with the gorgeous diamond ribbon curls on the front of the mum, the small AND large bling strands AND the Diamond Buckle & Bow Ribbon. Then there's MORE...

There are 3 Glam Levels for easy adding extras....

"Glam it Up"-  Level 1- Just a more glamorous look!  $22  (You save 42%)|

  • Small & Large Bling Strands PLUS Shimmer ($10)
  • Diamond Dust Shimmer Curls, add'l  ribbon, oversized bow ($4)
  • Diamond Buckle and Bow Ribbon ($8)
  • Adds 1 Braid with Bling! ($15)
    (Included on Ultimates and higher)

"Double Glam it Up" Level 2 -Adds higher level of Custom!  adds $21  (You save 52%)

  • Glam 1 
  • Level 2 quality ribbon in mum and backer ($5)
  • Dress my Bear ($10)
  • 1 More Larger Braid with Bling ($15)
  • Wide loop Homecoming AND Name Ribbons ($10)
    (Included on Super Ultimate and higher. NOT available on Classic.)
"Triple Glam It Up" - Level 3- The Elaborate Custom Package! adds $24 (You save >65%)
  • Glam 1, Glam 2
  • Level 3 quality ribbon & Bling added to mum and backer ($8)
  • Diamond Rhinestone Letters- 2" ($20+)
  • Bling my Braids ($10)
  • Adds Two Braids: Large Box+Triple Loop, Candy Loop, OR Heart Link Braids ($35)
  • Full Bling Package, more Curls, Ribbon, Bows, Sparkle & More!!!  ($10)
    (NOT available on Classic or Extravagant. Some items can be indiv. added.)

noteTriple Glam adds ALMOST every extra except a couple of braids, Diamond bear, Large Printed Monogram/words, and some Senior extras. 

NOTE:  You can add options here...OR in your order as your are customizing your mum!! Don't add it both places to avoid being double charged!!

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