Super Ultimate Triple Mum (includes Double Glam-it-Up)

Super Ultimate Triple Mum (includes Double Glam-it-Up)

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The Super Ultimate Triple Mum is even more luxurious and breathtaking than the standard Ultimate because it has more of what makes it "Ultimate" in the first place. 

  • Comes on a 14" base (The standard Ultimate triple is 12")
  • Includes Glam-it-Up Levels 1 & 2 (see descriptions for Glam level 3 to save $$$)
  • Three 7.5" mums with 2 layer Signature Custom Ribbon Spray Backer
  • Dressed Plush Bear  (Maybe add a 7" or 10" Diamond Bear! See link below!)
  • Six Large Custom Braids with Bows and Bling 
  • Two Feather Boas plus the Metallic Boa!
  • X-wide Diamond Shimmer trinket ribbon with large glamour bows 
  • Extra large bows and Extra Shimmer Ribbon & Bling
  • Wide Looped 2.5" homecoming AND Looped Name ribbon (Glam 3 will add new 2" Diamond Letters)

     ***You will need to add Triple Glam-it-up to add add'l braids, bling all your braids, add rhinestone letters, etc.- CLICK HERE FOR GLAM PACKAGE DESCRIPTIONS

Check out the Diamond Bears... They are back from 2014-15 and they are gorgeous. Limited quantity... don't miss out. CLICK HERE for DIAMOND BEARS!