Diamond Bears- 5

Diamond Bears- 5" 7" or 10" starting at $25

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****Back by Popular Demand***

Add the WOW & DAZZLE of GORGEOUS Diamond Bears!

These rhinestone bears are 100% sparkle front & back and come in 3 fabulous sizes :)

  5" - $25  -recommended, 1-2 for a single- (or double)
  7" - $42   -recommended for a double or triple
10"-  $59   -recommended for triple or quad

This Large Diamond Bear is AMAZING on a Senior Mum!!!!
I only have 20 in stock- reserve yours today!

Each Diamond Bear comes with a diamond tiara. Medium and Large come dressed!
Smalls are harder to dress with their arms so close to their bodies! :)  
....-Add "Dress my Bear" to dress them, too!