Diamond Level Custom Single XL- SENIORS ONLY- (Includes Triple Glam-it-Up, Diamond Bear, Diamond Letters, & more)

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A fully Custom Senior Mum.

The DIAMOND LEVEL is the very TOP OF THE LINE. This mum is designed for my clients that want the best and want almost everything. Here you go.

  • ALL the BRAIDS in your color with BLING that fit..based upon size, usually 7-9.
  • Gorgeous customized backer with bling and/or Level 3 Ribbon
  • Small or Medium Dressed Diamond Bear (you choose!)
  • "Senior 2018" Rhinestone Ribbon
  • Wide loop Homecoming & Name Loop Ribbons with Diamond Rhinestone letters
  • Two heavy-weight feather boas plus metallic boa with bows
  • Extra-wide diamond shimmer trinket ribbon with giant bows
  • Extra Bling & Shimmer curls, larger bows...big and gorgeous
  • Fancier ribbon in braids, bling on braids 
  • NOTE: Adding a custom color MAY add additional cost based upon availability,
  • NOTE: These aren't just "bigger" but incredibly elegant and breathtaking. :) 
  • NOTE: Lights are extra- $15