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I'M FULL!!!!! Not accepting any more orders at this time. Any frantic RUSH orders will come with an additional charge of $50 due to TIME CONSTRAINTS!! Thanks!!!

Extravagant Glam Double Mum
Extravagant Glam Double Mum
Extravagant Glam Double Mum
Extravagant Double Girl Mum - Cypress-Custom Homecoming Mums and Bandana Garters by Rebecca
Extravagant Glam Double Mum
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Extravagant Glam Double Mum

The Extravagant is a more full and...well, EXTRAVAGANT mum!  
Includes Glam 1 for 2019!

It is more customized, has more add-ons than the Extravagant Single, and is larger. It comes with our Signature Double-layer Spray ribbon backer, a Beanie Baby Bear and a feather boa. Also, includes 2 LARGE Custom Braids!! The Bows are Bigger and the ribbons are a little fancier! It's not as bossy as the Ultimate Single, but it's a full, flowy and generous mum!

The Extravagant Double comes with:

  • 10" ribbon base with our double-layer Spray Ribbon backer, A plush Beanie or 6" Scraggles bear with bow in mum flower with homecoming trinket (Double Glam-it-up will dress your bear, or you can add "Dress my bear")
  • 50+ Level 1&2 ribbons including: custom printed ribbon, metallic ribbons and specialty ribbons
  • Flat name ribbon and standard width 1.5" Looped Homecoming Ribbon
  • Feather boa, 2 custom braids, 2 bells, 2 beads/chains 
  • Glitter trinket ribbon with medium bows plus add'l trinkets  
  • 2 basic activity packages (varies: 2-3 small trinket pieces each)

*Remember the Glam-it Up to add your big bling and diamond shimmer curls - it really makes it POP!  Also adds diamond buckle ribbon w/bow!  (Glam 2 will dress your bear)

More Glam = more glam... the more you add, the more your your mum has on it!!
(note: most pictures shown have add'l packages, because most customers add glam & add'l packages)

Glam Packages:

 "Glam it Up"-  Adds:  1 braid! Small & Large Bling Strands, Diamond Shimmer Curls, Diamond Buckle/Bow Ribbon, bling to mum trinket, add'l ribbon and bows. Just a more glamorous look ($22...You save 42%)

"Double Glam it Up" -  Also adds: Dress my Bear, another custom braid with bling, wide loop Homecoming ribbon, wide loop name ribbons  ($43...You save 48%)

Shimmer Ribbons- Adds the Diamond Dust Shimmer Ribbons...they are blindingly metallic and shimmery!!! Silver & Gold & More.

"Full Bling Package"-  5 Sm Bling Strands, 5 Lg Bling Strands, Diamond Buckle/Bow Ribbon. 

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