NEW! The Ultimate Double-Wide Girl Mum

NEW! The Ultimate Double-Wide Girl Mum

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On-Trend and Gorgeous, this double mum is our newest design. If you want a double mum but not the long shape of the traditional double, this is for you. This design allows for a big bow, bear and monogram (or other) in the topper and also gives lots of great space for ribbons, braids and boas to hang below. This is a wider mum that will not drag the floor like the standard double for most girls! This is a great Senior or upperclassman mum! Add GLAM 2 or 3 for more Braids and BLING! This mum NEEDS A DIAMOND BEAR!!! I recommend a Medium! (or small...)

This Ultimate Double comes with:

2 -7.5" mums, spray backer, large bow, GLAM package I, 5 braids, Metallic boa,  feather boa, wide loop name ribbon & HC ribbon, glitter or rhinestone letters...

Please note in comments if you want glitter or rhinestone letters, otherwise seniors will receive rhinestone and others will receive glitter. Designate if you want 1 or 2 boas. Boas can be swapped for a braid. Add braids, extras and add'l Glam Pkgs!