Sassy Single -Classic Girl Mum

Sassy Single -Classic Girl Mum

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The Sassy Single is a Small Classic - our most Conservative Mum Option.

NEW! GLAM Package NOW adds an additional Braid for 2018!

It's our smallest, most conservative mum package.  It is more mum than ANY standard grocery store mum, but definitely our most reserved package. It does not come with a bear or mascot, but includes a nice bow and trinket in the mum!  Add a bear and other options if you wish...or keep it Classic!

It's a spirit-themed mum and our most affordable option. It comes with:

  • 7.5" mum with a fluffy bow & trinket (no bear or mascot!)
  • Single-layer fancy loop ribbon backer 
  • 40+ ribbons including: patterned, spirit, metallic, imprint, honeycomb & holographic
  • Flat name ribbon & 1 Looped Homecoming ribbon, 1 Activity & 1 Braid
  • Two bells, 2 bead chains/garlands, 5-6 trinkets and 3-4 smaller fabric bows

 Be sure to add the "GLAM-it-Up" Package! I really recommend it- it really makes a difference...especially on the Classic!

It will dazzle up your mum by adding: diamond shimmer curls, large bling strands, another braid, and the diamond buckle ribbon & bow!  Just a more glamorous look!  ($22...You save 42%)

(Most pictures have added options packages and bling packages-because most every mum I make has added options and glam.)

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