2 Crazy Super Loaded garters plus customized bears

Double Garters

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Doubles are already an upgraded size, so they are ALL start at the LOADED level!
They are naturally larger than a single and have more room to fill with braids, bows, loops, trinkets, and more. The LOADED are my FAVORITES!!

These are the Option levels for the double:
Loaded- (LARGE) fuller, bossier, upgraded bear, wide-looped name ribbons, 2 bells w/bows, 4 braids, bling, more bows, trinkets, etc!
Super-Loaded- (LARGE) even fuller, even bossier, wide looped name ribbons, bling, 5 braids, bling, glitter helmet, football, or other, etc. (Saves $12)
Crazy Super-Loaded- (X-LARGE) Crazy full! Adds the popular triple loop braid, candy loop braid, shimmer ribbon to the Super-loaded! Full of braids, bows, bling, bells, metallic & fullness! This garter ROCKS!!! (Saves $18)
The "Colossal"
 -is a single, but because it's a larger size it can be bigger than even a double.  It is a bigger mum flower and base and comes with everything: wide loops, 5 braids, metallic boa, feather boa, upgraded bear with fancier decorated topper, etc. It's BIG! 
No reason why HIS can't be big & fun like HERS :)


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