Single Garters- LOADED Ultra

Single Garters- LOADED Ultra

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The LOADED Singles are our Ultra full and bossy garters with MORE!!  

It comes with a 6.5" mum flower on a custom loop backer and the signature bandana to tie securely on the arm!  NEW BETTER packages for 2018!!!

There are 3 levels to choose:
Loaded Package- Small plush beanie bear, Standard 1.5" Name Loops, 3 braids, some bling on braids
"Super Loaded" - 4 braids, Wide 2.5" Name Loops, bling, shimmer sports ball, shimmer,  and more. (Save $10)
"Super Crazy Loaded" - Large plush bear, sports ball, adds triple loop braid, candy loop braid, upgraded glitter letters, metallic boa, bling, shimmer ribbon curls, 3 bells, upgraded ribbon, more full and fun! BIG & BOSSY! (Save $18)

         The guys are getting lots of new add-ons this year!  FINALLY!!!

          Call or text me with any questions about your order!