Ultra Single Garter

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The ULTRA Single is our medium garter that is full and fun!  

     It comes with

  • A 7" flower on a fun looped backer with a full sized bandana to tie on the arm
  • Mum is decorated with fancy bow and trinket and small bear, mascot figurine or mascot head, if available (selection limited). 
  • About 40+ ribbons- including spirit colors, metallic, honeycomb, pattern fabric ribbons, holographic and custom imprint spirit ribbons.
  • Hand braided Military Braid, large bows, 2 bells, 2 FLAT name ribbons and 5-6 trinkets.

    Note: If you want to enhance your bear, add braids, extras, specialty packages, colors, or others...check out the loaded option!

    Guys garters are very popular with wide loops, curls, glitter ribbons and lots of extras!!! They're a lot like miniature girl mums and look great when they match!

          Call or text me with any questions about your order!

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