"The Colossal" Guy Bandana Garter Mum

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Extra Large Bandana Mum for your guy will be bigger and hold all that a double or triple an hold, but have the traditional shape of the double. The mum in this guy mum is 7.5" and has a larger base, backer and a wider spread of ribbons!

LOVE THIS MUM!!! (recommended over the guy triple...more in style, and same size or little larger!)

Comes with:

  • Wide 2.5" Name Loops- can select large glitter letters or rhinestone!
  • Bigger 7.5" mum, Oversized looped backer with fancy bow
  • Military, Victory, Love, Triple Loop, Candy Loop Braids with bows & bling, as appropriate
  • Add'l diamond shimmer ribbons; Multiple bells and trinkets and big bows
  • Metallic boa plus 1-2 feather boas (included unless specified)
  • Oversized bear with glitter ball/helmet, custom designed per order
  • Upgraded sports package as available
  • note: custom color added requires advanced ordering and may be add'l cost