Triple Garters -Loaded

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The Triple Bandana Garters Guy Mum is full and bossy!   Because they are such a super-upgraded size, they naturally start at the SUPER-LOADED Level!

THOUGHT>>>>The Colossal is actually the same size built out as this but with a smoother, round shape....consider that as an option :)
They are naturally larger than a single and have more room to fill with braids, bows, loops, trinkets, etc. (note: no small white bears this year!)

These are the levels for the triple
Super-Loaded- (LARGE) even fuller, even bossier, wide looped name ribbons, bling, 6 braids, bling, metallic boa, glitter helmet, football, or other, etc. (Saves $12)
Crazy Super-Loaded- (X-LARGE) Crazy full! Adds ALL the braids like the popular triple loop braid, candy loop braid, feather boa, & shimmer ribbon to the Super-loaded! Full of braids, bows, bling, bells, metallic & fullness! This garter ROCKS!!! (Saves $18)

No reason why HIS can't be big & fun like HERS :)

The guys are getting lots of new add-ons this year!  FINALLY!!

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