Custom Braids & Chains

Custom Braids and Chains made of ribbon and embellished with bows and bling are on trend and in style for Homecoming mums this season.  The fastest way to customize your mum and set it apart from "regular" is to add multiple braids. These are not only beautiful but add a dimension to your mum that is like no other.

Braids quickly add volume to your mum without adding the heaviness that weighs them down. They are each braided by hand and custom made with the same ribbons that I use to make my mums. I love my braids; they are like beautiful icing on already beautiful cake.

All mums come with 1 braid, the military braid. The more elaborate mum & garter packages come with additional braids and the glam packages will bling them.  Consider adding more to your mum!

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