About Guy Mums

Our guy mums are made with high quality custom ribbons just like our girl mums!  They come with 1,2 or 3 flowers on a custom loop backer.  ALL come with the signature bandana to tie securely on the arm and last ALL day!!  

All guy mums come with standard trinkets and bows, etc.-the bigger the garter...the more there are.

Here is an overview of our garter sizes, option packages and their main differences:

Classic Package- (SMALL) Bow & Trinket in flower (no bear), Flat Name ribbons, military braid, 1 bell
Ultra Package- (SMALL/MEDIUM) Bear/Mascot/Figurine, Flat Name Ribbons, 1 braid, 2 bells 
Loaded Package- (MEDIUM) Upgraded bear, 1.5" Name Loops, Military plus1 add'l braid, some bling on braids, glitter sports ball or helmet
"Super Loaded" - (MEDIUM/LARGE) Adds another braid, more bling, shimmer sports ball. 
"Super Crazy Loaded" - (LARGE/XL) Adds triple loop braid, candy loop braid, upgraded ribbon, metallic boa, bling shimmer ribbon curls, 3 bells, more full and fun!

"Colossal" (X-LARGE) a bigger mum flower and base and comes with everything: wide loops, 5 braids, metallic boa, feather boa, upgraded bear with fancier decorated topper, etc. It's BIG!

(The Colossal Single is the 7.5" flower and is on the 8" base- it is significantly larger and is great for either a SENIOR... or if you only want a "Single" but want it BIG!!!) 

No reason why HIS can't be big & fun like HERS :)