Guy Mums

Our guy mums are ALL made with the same high quality custom ribbons as our girl mums! 

They come with a 6.5" mum flower on a custom loop backer and the Ultra have a 7" base.  Larger ones have a larger base- ALL come with the signature bandana to tie securely on the arm and last ALL day!!   #nowimpygarterelastic

You can select a single, a double or a triple. OR, if you want a single, but you want it BIG...the Colossal Single Bandana Garter is the one for you! It's a great match for that big mum...

All guy mums come with standard trinkets and bows, the bigger the garter...the more there are. Below are the packages and what their differences are:

Classic Package- Bow and Trinket in flower (no bear), Flat Name ribbons, 1 braid, 1 bell
Ultra Package- Bear/Mascot, 1.5" Loop Name Ribbons, 2 braids, 2 bells, some bling 
"Load-it-Up" - 2.5" Wide Loop name ribbons, 3 braids, beanie or scraggles bear, more bling,  shimmer sports ball or 4th blinged braid. 

Consider adding lights, bling, braids, a feather boa or more!!! No reason why HIS can't be big & fun like HERS :)

The COLOSSAL Single is the 7.5" flower and is on the 8" base- it is significantly larger and is great for either a SENIOR... or if you want a BIG single!!!