How to Order

How to Order your Custom Homecoming MUM Online!!!! PLEASE READ!

1. Think about what kind of a mum you are looking for based upon size, relationship of the couple, size of the wearer, and of course your budget!  (Read Homecoming 101 information page or Call/Text me if you need help!)

2.  Click GIRL MUMS or GUY MUMS (or the pictures) to see some pictures of previous year's mums.

3.  Read Homecoming 101 if you still need info...or listen to the radio piece on the HomePage!

4. Click the item you think you want and begin to complete the online order form. 

5. You will need the girl's name and/or boy's name, school, grade, etc.  You will be asked about activities and personalization options, even jersey numbers. Include any additional information in the final text box section including: boyfriend, "just friends", hobbies, nicknames, or anything else that can help us personalize even better!

6. Add to your cart OR NEW! this year, add to your WISHLIST :) This will save your mum under your account and enables anyone with your email address and your name to access your cart and purchase your mum for you. COOL HUH??

7. Next, browse through the MUM Extras page to see if there's anything you want to add to your mum to truly presonalize it and make it unique to you. There are all kinds of special things in there! 
Some items are also embedded as options within your mum ordering. If you already added something that you see on this page within your order, please DON'T add it again. You ONLY should add it once. If you add it from this page before you build your mum, then don't worry about adding it again as you build. If you want a bundle, just delete what you no longer want. 
Lots of extras are available this year within the ordering options.. Some are only available on from the EXTRAS page!  Text me if you have questions.

8. Check out.

9. Your mum will be completed by the Sunday of Homecoming week (or earlier). If you are near homecoming, it will be completed by the Monday or Tuesday of Homecoming Week.  You will receive an email with instructions and an address for pick up when it's completed!

10. That's it!!  Be sure to email us at or contact us if you have questions!!