Classic Single Garter

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All single garters come on a bandana and are available in several sizes for your selection. This one is a one inch smaller base than my other garters!!! 

It comes with: 6.5"  mum, looped backer, no bear- 1 braid, 1 bell, few trinkets, flat name ribbons, few bows! This garter is small!!

The CLASSIC is our smallest, most traditional garter mum for guys and although I don't sell many, I keep it because I've found it allows up to 3 possible things:
1. good mum base that you can add to yourself, 
2. just a smaller garter for smaller garter people :), or
3. just allows a super affordable option. 

Unfortunately, this garter is not a truly customizable mum :) and I really can't add your items for you!!  Thanks for understanding!! :)


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