Super Ultimate Double Girl Mum

Super Ultimate Double Girl Mum

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I've added Glam-it-Up and Double Glam-it-Up because this is how this mum was created... by people adding more glam & extras to the Ultimate Double!! 

The Super Ultimate Double Mum is even more luxurious and breathtaking than the standard Ultimate because it has more of what makes it "Ultimate" in the first place. 

 This mums includes:  

  • Glam-it-Up AND Double Glam-it-Up
  • Two 7.5" mums and large spray Level 3 ribbon backer 
  • extra large fluffy bow in flower plus "Dress my Bear" - highest quality ribbons
  • 5 braids, 2 feather boas and metallic boa
  • 75+ ribbons, 3 bells and 4 metallic curls & more shimmer
  • Wide looped name & Homecoming ribbons 
  • Extra wide diamond ribbon trinket ribbon w/large bows,

 ***Add Triple Glam-it-up to add add'l braids, bling all your braids & rhinestone letters- CLICK HERE FOR GLAM PACKAGE DESCRIPTIONS

Glam Packages:
Glam-it-Up:  INCLUDED-
Large & small bling strands, diamond buckle/bow ribbon, shimmer curls ($22 if purchased separately)
Double Glam-it-Up:  INCLUDED-
Dress-my-Bear, add'l level 2 braid, Bling on Braids, Wide HC & Name Loops, metallic boa  ($44 if purchased separately)
Triple Glam-it-Up:
Adds a level 2 AND a level 3 braid, bling on braids, 2nd feather boa, Level 3 ribbon, Bling on backer, larger decorated cowbell AND Rhinestone Letters!
(adds $24...You save over 60%)

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