Ultimate Single Girl Mum (incl Glam-it-Up)

Ultimate Single Girl Mum (incl Glam-it-Up)

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I've added Glam-it-Up to the mum because ALL mums last year added at least Glam 1.

This is a nicely loaded single with a 7.5" mum!  More loaded & full than the Extravagant but not HEAVY!! Add Glam 2 or 3 to max it out!

The Standard "Ultimate" Single mum comes with:

  • Glam-it-Up Level 1 ($22 if purchased separately)
  • 7.5" mum with 2 layer Signature Custom Ribbon Spray Backer and 9-10" base
  • 7" plush Bear with Tiara and Bow
  • Four Custom Braids with Bows and bling
  • One Feather Boa and the Metallic Boa!
  • Level 2&3 Ribbon including: Metallic, Custom Fabric Ribbon & Glitter Ribbon
  • 3 Activities and multiple Spirit trinkets
  • WIDE Looped homecoming ribbon AND Looped Name ribbon

... basic add-ons are included but you can add rhinestone letters, monograms, bling on your backer, diamond bears and more!!

If you don't know what to add, but you just want it to be super sparkly and extra unique....add more GLAM...you'll see it. It really makes a difference :)
(note: most pictures shown have add'l packages like Glam 2 or 3, because most customers add add'l packages)

Glam Packages:

"Glam-it-Up"- included- Large & small bling, Shimmer curls, 1 braid, Diamond buckle & bow ribbon 

"Double Glam it Up" -  Also adds: Dress my Bear, another custom braid with bling, wide loop Homecoming ribbon, wide loop name ribbons  ($22...You save 48%)

"Triple Glam It Up" -  Also adds:  Add 2nd Feather Boa, Metallic Boa, Upgraded Rhinestone/Glitter Letters and Bling my Braids, plus extra shimmer ribbons, charms and curls and ribbon, bows and sparkle & more!!!  Let me dazzle you!!! 
**This is my favorite part of making mums!!!  ($46...You save over 60%)


Shimmer Ribbons- Adds the Diamond Dust Shimmer Ribbons...they are blindingly metallic and shimmery!!! Silver & Gold & More.



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