Wide Loops & Rhinestone Diamond Letters!

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Take both your Homecoming Ribbon to the Next level in the easiest way by going from a flat name ribbon and a standard width Homecoming loop ribbon to BOTH in LOOPS with extra wide 2.5" ribbon with 2 colors!!  Plus, new this year...Diamond Letters!!!

This adds DOUBLE the volume & dimension to the mum and will give you an AMAZING upgraded look in a big way for a relatively low cost. Consider adding Rhinestone Letters for a REAL WOW!!!

(Depending on your mum, names come on a either a 2" flat ribbon or a 1.5" solid color looped ribbon. Homecoming ribbons come standard with 1.5" solid color loops on an acetate ribbon.)

**Note: This option is included in the "Double Glam-it-Up" Package.

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