Customizations & Extras

So Many Ways to Personalize Your Mum & Make It Extra Special

There are many special items to add to your mum...and it's easy to get overwhelmed.
Take your time and look at the pictures within each item that catches your eye.
If you're not sure, we recommend you select your mum first, and build it.  
Often, that will help you select some extras along the way.  
Afterwards, you can come back and see what else you might want to add.

Check out these basic categories of extras:

Diamond Bears & Bling

Braids, Chains & Loops

Glam-it-Up (95% of my mums have the Glam package)

Custom Lettering & Words

Fun Extras like frames, lights, charms, etc.


A couple of important things to note about EXTRAS & ORDERING:
Some items are also embedded as options within your mum ordering.  
If you add something within your order, you DON'T need to add it again from this page. You ONLY add it once.